Caught Between Casual and Formal? Do you Hold an Interview in a Cafe or a Meeting Room? What’s More Professional?

Nowadays, recruiters, life coaches, and other consultants and entrepreneurs tend to have business meetings, and even interviews in remote places. Nowadays, coffee shops have become a regular and professional place to hold meetings and interviews. Why does this trend take place? Recruiters are now hosting interview sessions at a coffee shop instead of the office for several reasons.
For the recruiter, it’s a way to meet a potential employee on a more ...

Key Points to Consider for The Wedding of Your Dreams!

Organizing your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days of your life, but it doesn’t mean it has to be stressful. Whether it’s a boutique wedding or a hotel wedding that you want to plan for, you will need to consider a few important things that will help you facilitate the planning process.


Set The Budget & Set The Date for Your Wedding

You never really know how expensive weddings are until you start planning one. So it’s ...

Why Setting Up a Business Centre in the UAE Helps Business Owners Flourish

The Rise of Business Centres

Since the financial crisis hit in 2008 and 2010, landlords have realized that they are now working in a market where tenants need to be more flexible. And the growth of creative and tech businesses triggered a change in the work lifestyles of business professionals and the rise in demand for more flexible offices. As employees are now working remotely out of traditional offices, the need for office space reducing.

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Make Your Life Easier and Book your Next Meeting Room in Just a Few Clicks with fluidmeet!

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are ideal locations for meetings and events offering a wide selection of luxury venues for coaches and trainers to choose from. For larger events, events planners, coaches and trainers can easily source a wide choice of event spaces, conference halls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, meeting rooms, ballrooms and seminar rooms. What’s even more flexible, is that the set up can be customized to suit the needs of their attendees.


What’s great about ...

Business Travelers and Co-Working Spaces, A Practical Guide for Business Travelers

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE due to the changing working habits of professionals going on the occasional business trips.  We look at a practical guide available to business travelers who are not confined to a traditional office.


The idea of doing your job outside an office is no longer a far-fetched concept. You could be working while going on a business trip, working from home, from your neighbourhood cafe, or from one of the open air coworking hubs ...

Corporate Events – Why fluidmeet is the App for You

Your Next Online Event Booking Can be Effortless Through the fluidmeet App


The traditional way of running a business from your office or your cubicle is a thing of the past. The rise of mobile professionals has not only made businesses more efficient but revolutionized most industries.

One thing that those mobile businesses are in desperate need of is workspace is for meetings and event space. ...

Co-working Spaces – What Purpose Do They Serve?


The nature and culture of work is changing over the years, and a new platform is now arising for new ways of working. That’s what Fluidmeet is all about. Once you walk into a coworking space in Dubai, and see open air desks, you can immediately notice and feel the difference in the energy and excitement you get. You’ll see a mix of those in deep focus at private desks and others striking up ...

Business Centers and Startups – why they were made for each other


Unlike small businesses, startups are usually self-funded by members of the founding team. It has been estimated that 66% of startups secure funding through an investor or take out a loan to help fund their venture. Their aim is big, and they need all the support at their early stages of establishment.

A startup doesn’t want to stay small and needs to survive at its inception stages. And creativity and innovation grow the business, so is a stimulating workspace – in fact, ...

Coming in from Europe and need coworking space for a few days

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When traveling for business or leisure, one needs to make sure that their work is still ongoing and at times you don’t have an option but to travel with work as your job or the work is quite demanding.

So, when you travel all the way from Europe for 1-2 weeks, let’s weigh out the options: Would you rather go for renting a co-working space or would you rather sit and work out a coffee shop?