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Once you arrive at fluidmeets home page, there is a list of criteria with drop down options to help narrow down your search.

Select the city in which you require a workspace

Select what date you require the workspace for

Select the time you would like to begin using the workspace

Select the number of hours you require the workspace for

Please select the city you will need the workspace for

Banquet hall: this is the largest type of meeting space, typically for seminars. This is meant for large meetings with a large number of attendees/participants.
Cubicle: This is a workspace for 1 person. It will have partitions on 2 or more sides
Desk: This is an open area desk. It can usually accommodate more than 1 person on a co-sharing basis
Meeting/conference room: This is a meeting room and can accommodate a medium sized group of people
Private office: This is an office that is self-enclosed. It will not typically be open air. It can accommodate 1 or more persons.
Training room: This is a larger meeting room area, yet smaller than the banquet hall.

Once you‘ve entered your requirements, you can proceed to the "GO" button.

After you‘ve entered your requirements, the search results will come up.
At the top left are the search results you entered in the previous page.
On the top right are the next stage of filters that you can choose to use.
Venue Type describes the kind of facility that houses the workspace. They will be hotels, corporate offices, business hubs and training centers.
Capacity will define the number of people that the workspace can accommodate.
Price filters the workspaces by ascending order from lowest to greatest
Amenities defines the kinds of additional services you would need at the workspace, such as Wi-Fi, projector, video conference, etc.
Beneath this level of filters, you will see the search results. You can hover over each search result to see its location on the map on the left hand side.
Once you have scrolled to the workspace of interest, you can click on the "view detail" button to learn more about it.
If you would like to quickly see its reviews, you can also click on the stars to see the comments by previous users.
After you‘ve clicked the "view detail" button, you will arrive at the workspace profile page.
Here, you will be able to see the workspace profile, along with any venue information, calendar, location and ratings
If you scroll over the timing in the real time availability section, you can book immediately. A dialog box will open up. Confirm the information. Enter a reservation title. Then confirm
If you would like to see the calendar in further detail, you can click on the "view calendar" button. This will open a new page where you can browse through the calendar and select multiple hours for your workspace requirements.
Once you have reviewed that the workspace requirements are fine, you can enter your payment information. Once the payment goes through, you will receive a confirmation on the next page and by email.
That is the end of the process. If you need help along the way, or need to adjust any of the reservation, please let us know as soon as possible at support@fluidmeet.com.