Online Meetings, Virtual Training Sessions, or Real Time Meetings? What is Better?

With training courses on the rise, and following the pandemic outburst, meetings have been designed in a practical way so that trainers and trainees can adapt and engage in the best possible way. In fact, up to 90% of corporations use a form of online learning today, compared to just 4% back in 1995. It has also been predicted that the virtual learning market will grow another 8% by 2026, and to add to this, the international online learning market is projected to be

What to Consider When Moving Back to the Office After the Pandemic

Millions of business owners and large organizations have been working remotely for the last six months, and if not for longer. Some companies, including Twitter, have told employees they can keep working remotely forever. On the other side, there’s also an effort to prove that office spaces and co-working spaces can safely reopen, led largely by the people renting them out. Furthermore, organizational leaders who have known how to manage productivity while in an office environment have struggled to manage that effectively through remote work and are keen to relaunch their at office comfort zone. Although some companies have thrived due to having a virtual working space, others have struggled to have ...

We Aren’t Using Office These Days. What Should We do with it?

office-spaceThe world has come to the lockdown mode. So is Dubai. The COVID 19 pandemic has created such a powerful impact all over the world, that companies are forced to close down their offices. Employees are being asked to work from their homes to maintain social distancing.

In Dubai, except for the vital sectors, employees in all private firms are working from home. Business centers in Dubai are vacant, so is office space. Coworking spaces that have seen a booming business of ...

How to Stay Productive While Working from Home?

How to Stay Productive While Working from HomeDuring these times of worldwide pandemic, most of the companies in business centers in Dubai have provided work from home opportunities to employees. This ensures that the workflow is not interrupted, and at the same time, social distancing is strictly followed.

One of the biggest challenges faced by employees while working from home is maintaining productivity. Since ...

Video Conferencing – All You Need to Know

With the COVID 19 pandemic gripping the whole world, work from home has become the norm these days. Teams across the world are finding ways to collaborate and make work more productive.

One of the most effective techniques adopted by corporates for collaborative work is video conferencing. Through video conferencing, team members across the globe can come face to face and discuss various aspects of work.

What is Video Conferencing? ...

Working as a Freelancer? Here Are a Few Online Tools That Make Your Task Easy.

office-space-780x520Freelancing is the latest trend in work culture. The flexibility and freedom that it offers, along with excellent earning potential, attract a lot of people to freelancing.

Unlike a traditional work environment, where the employees are required to put in 8-9 hours of work, freelancing offers a lot of flexibility. A freelancer can decide the time, place, and hours of work as per his convenience.

To be a successful freelancer, you need to ...