Coming in from Europe and need coworking space for a few days

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When traveling for business or leisure, one needs to make sure that their work is still ongoing and at times you don’t have an option but to travel with work as your job or the work is quite demanding.

So, when you travel all the way from Europe for 1-2 weeks, let’s weigh out the options: Would you rather go for renting a co-working space or would you rather sit and work out a coffee shop?

Start-ups and freelancers – symbiosis at its finest


Start-ups are all about saving cost for the first initial years as they are still new to the market and trying to test waters and find their way in the market. In one of our earlier blogs, we spoke at length at how start-ups have led the way in adoption of coworking spaces to save on costs.

We’re not here to belabour the point of co-working spaces and start-ups, but we want to posit one important hypothesis: you meet a ...

Commuting in Dubai – Keep your office and home close


With all its amazing skylines and astounding infrastructure, Dubai can be pretty crazy when you’re commuting back and forth from home to work. But the traffic at the wrong times can be a nightmare where you could spend the better half of your day stuck behind a slow moving car, or better yet the start stop traffic of the UAE. Fortunately, the public transport is just too good! Everything is mapped out in such a systematic manner that ...

Event Badges – not a badge of honor…


Event badges or name badges are important for any event, actually really important! Just think of it this way, any event that is taking place, big or small, it’s always going to have a time constraint, and there literally would never be enough time for such formal introductions if it wasn’t for the badges. Not only this, but also the fact that some events are too noisy and there are often people we meet only in the ...

Modernize Your Conference Room With Video Wall


Conference rooms are one of the most important facilities a company has. Every company knows that being connected with its people (employees, clients or stakeholders) is essential in the success of every company goal. In a conference room, activities such as staff meeting, training, product familiarization or scheduled appointments are being held. Being in an environment that encourages focus is important in relaying company messages to its employees.

Choosing a Location for Your Serviced Office


Location, location, location. It’s so important to place your business in the right place. Since Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, it’s crucial to know that the placement of your business can decide your corporate fate. When you’re unsure of a location, it makes sense to have many options to choose from and avoid confusion in your corporate address. It’s always best to shortlist your options to 3-4 options so that way when you do a comparison of the pros and cons, it ...

Ready, Set, Meeting

How to Optimize Use of my Meeting Room?


In this Digital Age and era, every single thing happens with just a click and at lightning speed. We are totally dependent on technology to provide us with the best solutions. The objective is to gain in productivity and decrease time wastage. This has lead to the development of well managed meeting rooms which are handled professionally and are well equipped to suffice the requirements of the people.

Size matters…for event spaces? The rule of thumb

Planning an event can be exciting and quite overwhelming, at the same time. Selecting an event space or banquet hall is often the most critical decision in event planning. A seasoned event planner can start with booking the right location and size for a banquet hall in Dubai. However, if you are a newbie to this, what is the right size?

What’s the right size of a banquet hall?

Banquet Hall

To start with, there’s no perfect ...

Coworking spaces evolution across the world

The concept of the office is changing and has been changing almost every 10 years now. Earlier, cubicles were the hot trend. Then it was working from home. Today’s ‘IT Thing’ in the workplace— coworking.


So, before we get started – let’s do the basics right? What is a coworking space?

Coworking space is the modern-day form of a shared office. Let’s just say we have more independent workers now than the ones who are going to a single office. ...