What’s the difference between a banquet hall, meeting room, and event space?

When you go looking for banquet halls, your venue provider might offer you an event space or a meeting space instead. If you don’t know the difference between a banquet hall, meeting room, and event space, you might not have a problem with that. But choosing the right venue for your event does make a difference in the success of your event.

What’s a banquet hall?

A banquet hall is a space offered mainly for weddings, birthdays, bridal showers and other personal events. They could be separate or part of a hotel or restaurant. Most banquet hall providers offer food and catering along with the hall. Most times, the provider will charge you for the number of guests as he will offer specified tables and chairs.

When you go looking for a banquet hall, look for:

  • Capacity: How many guests will the hall accommodate easily? Refer to your guest list for that and ask your provider for the right size. A smaller hall will be uncomfortable for your guests, while a larger size might affect people’s perception of its success.
  • Interiors: Most providers offer banquet halls with certain themes. You might want to see the props and the furniture before booking the hall. If the banquet hall isn’t maintained properly, the furniture might be run down, or worse, broken. That won’t reflect well on your event.
  • Location: Find a hall that’s near your guests. You don’t want to invite them to a banquet hall in Bur Dubai if most of your guests are in Jumeriah.
  • Other Amenities: Many banquet hall providers offer extra amenities to sweeten the deal. Depending on the cost, this might include AV equipment, parking space, on-site catering, and even a Wi-Fi connection nowadays.

What’s a meeting room?

meeting space

Meeting rooms are rooms reserved specifically for business meeting and conferences. You’ll usually find them in commercial area around office buildings. Many offices have their own meeting rooms. Isolated meeting rooms are offered to startups, freelancers or other corporate clients who don’t have access to a proper office. When looking for a meeting room, look for:

  • Soundproof or a quiet space: You don’t want distractions during your meeting. Your team should be able to listen to each other properly without having to shout. Plus, you also don’t want the minutes of your meeting to leave the room.
  • Other Amenities: Meeting rooms should ideally come equipped with AV equipment, blank wall space to hang paper, fast and reliable internet connection.
  • Limited Visual Distraction: Most meeting rooms have the same blank wood paneled walls and swivel chairs. That’s because the designers don’t want you distracted during a meeting.


What’s an event space?

event space

Event spaces are usually very large spaces that venue providers offer for big corporate events and parties. Event spaces should be able to accommodate entire neighborhoods at times. When looking for an event space, look for:

  • Location: Look for a central space. A place where people can easily attend and enjoy the event. It should be accessible to your target attendees through mass transportation or preferably walkable.
  • Capacity: Find out the capacity of the space. Venue providers have an accurate estimate of the number of people their space can comfortably fit. A bigger capacity won’t hurt your event space as much as a smaller space would. You want people to move easily within the space.
  • Layout: Most event spaces don’t have fixed layouts. Venue providers offer different layout depending on your event type and size. Choose a layout that works best for your kind of event.

Difference between a banquet hall, a meeting room, and an event space

Banquet hall, meeting room and event space all serve a different audience and a purpose. Banquet halls are meant for big, personal events. Meeting rooms are corporate spaces, with less room for any creative outlet. A banquet hall is the least formal of these three venues. A meeting room should be the most formal since it is meant for conferences and serious discussion. An event space can be either formal or casual, depending on the event. Usually, event spaces cover a larger square foot as compared to a banquet hall or meeting room.


Now that you know the difference between a banquet hall, meeting room and event space, you have better chances of finding the perfect venue. Browse through the best event and party venues in Dubai with fluidmeet.

Someone explain to me what is a Coworking space

coworking space

Coworking space is a new workspace trend in most metropolitan cities including Dubai. They are growing both in number and popularity. Now you hear so many of your freelancing friends telling you great things about their coworking space, the environment, the “feel”, the people, and just about everything in there. And you might be wondering what is a coworking space? I will cover the basics and benefits of coworking spaces and whether you should look for one yourself.   

What is a Coworking space?

Coworking space is the contemporary form of a shared office. Many entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to work from an office instead of their homes, choose to share an office space. Since they can’t usually afford (and don’t even need) to rent an entire office of their own, coworking space offers a beneficial alternative. They can share an office with other freelancers. A coworking space is a café-like office where people from different industries and professions share one office space. Usually, coworking spaces are shared by professionals from the same industry, but that is slowly changing to coworkers from multiple industries to engage, network, and learn about new opportunities.

Benefits of Coworking space

Initially, coworking spaces were used by independent workers to cut down office rent costs. But the trend caught on very fast since coworking spaces offer a number of benefits:

Networking Opportunities

In a coworking space, you’ll find a number of professionals working in the same office space. For freelancers, who work alone and don’t have the opportunity to network with other professionals, coworking spaces offer them the chance to meet and learn from other workers. When you are working in the same office and meet every day, you get to talk and socialize with other freelancers and develop more connections. In the freelancing industry, that’s a crucial factor for retaining more work. What is a coworking space if it doesn't allow you to work together with other professionals on the same projects. 

Escape from Isolation

Before coworking spaces became a thing, freelancers worked from their home. If you worked freelance, you probably know how boring that can be; i.e. long working hours without anyone to share or discuss your work with. Coworking spaces create a sense of community for these remote workers. If you are having problems with a certain task, you can discuss your problems and help each other out.  

Design and Maintenance by Professionals

Most coworking spaces are designed and maintained by service office providers. When designing these space, the providers kept in mind a certain profession or a company. This helps them attract the right professionals. You will find most coworking offices to be very creative. This inspires coworkers to be more productive, creative, and all around happier. In both cases, the coworking space provider is responsible for maintaining the office.

Extra Amenities

Most coworking spaces come stocked with supplies. You get access to high-speed internet, printers, other telecommunication devices, meeting rooms, plus a stocked kitchen. This means you can concentrate on your work and experience higher productivity.

Is Coworking space for me?

Coworking space is for you if you don't want to sit alone at home, doing your work. You might want to talk to other professionals and grow your understanding of the profession. You might even get extra work through collaborations in a coworking space rather than work alone at home. Coworking spaces work best for extroverts or introverts who like to bounce their ideas with others.

Coworking space is also an option for small teams. Setting up an office at one member’s home can’t be a long-term solution for your team. It disrupts your team member’s family and creates friction in the team. With a coworking space, all members can meet at one office, without having to set up a proper office. If you are just starting up or you are working on a project with a team, a coworking space offers you a place to meet, plan and work together.

If you are looking for a coworking space in Dubai, talk to us at www.fluidmeet.com. We have coworking spaces in the best locations, suited for a number of professionals.

Should I go for the big serviced office providers or local ones?


According to The Emerging Market Serviced Office Review 2015, serviced office providers have grown by 10.25% within 12 months. This growth of serviced office providers has been observed worldwide including the Middle East and Europe. Serviced Office Providers complete a gap in commercial office rent providers. They offer fully furnished office spaces to new, small and expanding businesses. As these serviced providers are evolving, different breeds of them are emerging. You can now choose between big serviced offices providers or local ones.

Each of them offers their own unique benefits. Choosing one over the other depends solely on your needs and demands. Since serviced offices are still an emerging trend, there’s a lot of confusion about them. Let us clarify the two types of serviced office providers and the benefits each provides.

Serviced Office Providers

Big Serviced Office Providers operate in more than one country. They have serviced offices in different countries and regions. As the name suggests, they are the big whales who have been competing in this arena for quite some time. They dominate the industry, while local serviced office providers fill the gap with lower-cost options. Local Serviced Office providers operate on a smaller scale and usually operate one to two business centers in the same city or locale.

Benefits of Big Serviced Office Providers

Choosing a big serviced office provider offers you some distinct advantages:

A wide and extensive reach

Big serviced offices have serviced offices available in different countries and regions. If you plan to expand from Dubai to Kuwait in the near future, you’ll be able to work on the same contract details with the same provider. This way your offices in different countries will be consistent.

International Exposure and Standards

Big Serviced Office providers usually comply with international standards. They have seen the best in the business, and in most cases have set those standards and best practices, and are able to provide a more standardized experience. You can enjoy similar office layouts in different countries. The aesthetics and services are the same wherever you go.

Premium Locations

Big serviced providers usually spend higher capital. They invest in properties in premium locations so that their customers can have access to the prime spots in a city or neighborhood. This might mean extra capital investment for clients, but you can easily justify this with improved business location and opportunity.


Benefits of Local Serviced Office Providers

As more office providers realize the growing demands of serviced offices, many local providers have also sprung up throughout Dubai. If you choose to sign a contract with a local serviced office provider, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Cost Effective

There are several small local serviced office providers that offer lower cost options. These offices might not be in the best locations, but they come with all the infrastructure and features you might need for your office. If cost is an important consideration as a small or new business, you will benefit from drawing up contract with local providers. Furthermore, parking and ancillary costs that are associated with in-house tenancy costs might be substantially less.

Cultural Understanding

Local providers understand the cultural specifics of their area. Since the Middle Eastern culture offers its unique customs, local providers often better understand the needs and aesthetics of the cultural proclivity. Many of tenants in local business centers are also in the same business scale bracket which is beneficial for networking and collaborating with your neighbors.

Which one is better: Big Serviced Office Providers or Local Ones?

There is no right and wrong serviced office provider or business center. Choosing one over the other merely depends on your business model, networking opportunities, and business preferences. If your business model is geared for extensive growth into other regions and countries with a cost-effective approach, local serviced office providers should be your preferred option. If you’re looking for a standardized model wherever you go, then your bigger business centers are the way to go. If you are starting up and want to cut down costs, a local serviced office provider will be a better option. Furthermore, if you treading new waters in a sea of mixed culture, a local provider can help you navigate and understand the intricacies of the work environment.

If you are still unsure whether you should go for big serviced office provider or local ones, talk to us at fluidmeet. We have been providing objective counsel and advice to many businesses throughout the years. Visit www.fluidmeet.com for more information on our workspace options.

Top 5 Factors for Selecting the Best Location for Your Serviced Office in Dubai


Shopping for a serviced office in Dubai, but aren’t sure of the location? Dubai offers great opportunities in terms of location for your serviced offices. That’s exactly what makes it hard to settle on the ideal situation. If you have already short-listed two or three location, go for the one that ticks the most of the following boxes:


A Business Hub


A good place for renting a serviced of is in or near a business hub. With a serviced office in Business Bay, you can avail the following benefits:

  • Business bay is a developing business community where you will find many multinational and local companies thriving together. With all these companies in the same place, you have the opportunity to improve your business network. You can host collaborations easily since employees and clients will find it easier to commute.
  • There is a built-in business culture. Make sure you can foster a professional and productive relationship with your neighbors in the business center so you can leverage on their experience, network and skills.
  • It sets a good impression on your clients. Your brand visibility improves since this is an area with good foot traffic. If you a B2B company, then you’ll have access to more clients. Your logo on your office door will be enough advertisement for you.
  • You can benefit from the customer traffic of nearby businesses.

A Place with expansion possibilities


When starting new, it’s our basic assumption that our offices will grow in the near future. That’s why you are in business. You’ll likely grow in the future. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have room for expansion. Ask your serviced provider how he will accommodate your growing business needs in the future. Will extra space be available on demand? Shifting offices in a new business can be risky for a new company. That’s why it’s best to plan ahead and choose a location for your serviced office that offers expansion possibilities.

Scenic Views


Panoramic views is an important consideration for the location for your serviced office. Research shows that your office aesthetic affect productivity. Lots of natural light, plants and even artwork on the walls boosts productivity. Most of our employees spend long hours in front of their computer screen. This adds stress to their eyes, and in the long term leads to fatigue and headaches. Good aesthetics allow our eyes to re-focus and adjust. This has a positive impact on your employee’s attitude and productivity.

Also, when you invite your clients to your offices, you can set a good impression on them. Wow them with a great view by renting a serviced office in Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Lake Towers. The ocean or lake lapping outside the office windows can have a calming impact on both your employees and clients. Less resistance with better views.

Recognizable Landmark


Serviced Offices in Dubai are in demand as they offer prestigious location. Having your office in or near a recognizable landmark like Sheikh Zayed Road or Downtown lends credibility to your business. Plus, you’ll find it easier to give direction for your office to potential clients and employees.

Access to Easy Transport Network


Not all your employees have cars or driving licenses. With the traffic situation as it is in Dubai, many people prefer to travel by Dubai Metro to save time, cost and energy. Metro transports roughly 329,000 people each day. Make it easier for your employees to commute from home by choosing a location that is near walking distance to a Metro station. With your employees happy, business will definitely be more productive. Employees will arrive on time. There will be less absenteeism. And when you hire new employees, you can mention the presence of a Metro nearby.

Parking Facility


Your employees and clients need a parking space. Ideally, this should be included in your serviced office contract. Ask your service provider about parking spots. Will you get a parking space? If so, how many parking spots will you get? What about your customers and clients? Is there a visitor parking? Where will they park? Find out about parking fees.


Looking for a great location for your serviced office, get in touch with www.fluidmeet.com. We offer businesses the ideal location according to their business needs.

What’s so special about serviced offices?

111027_bpp1_081Serviced offices are the Amazon of today’s business landscape. They have been changing the way business is executed. Serviced offices are innovative, brilliantly thought-off and offer great office space experience on a limited budget and on flexible payment terms. Serviced offices are fully furnished office spaces for businesses to test their feet in the UAE corporate world, especially if you’re establishing a new business or opening a new branch in Dubai. If are just starting your business or want to test the market conditions, here is why you are better off with renting a serviced office:

Cost Effective

Most small businesses find that if not for serviced offices, they may never have enjoyed the possibility of having an office. The best part of serviced offices is benefiting from significant cost savings. With no initial set-up cost, you save more than 75% of your startup capital. Moreover, there are no maintenance and office upgrade costs. You can start with flexible terms in 4 checks, and if you’re lucky on a monthly payment plan. You won’t be paying for utilities, internet connectivity, and your furniture.


Renting a space and turning it into an office often takes a lot of time and careful planning. You’ll have to buy furniture, entire communication system, and even hire an interior designer to win over your clients. Don’t forget to file for electricity and water services. Add cable and internet services to that. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much work is setting up an office, especially if this is your first time. Serviced offices come with furnishing and all other amenities that you desire.

Professional Support Services

New and small businesses often don’t have the privilege of investing in full support services. They make do without an IT department or an HR department. But, there is so much that could go wrong in a functioning office space. If you suddenly find that the copy machine has given up on you, you don’t have to go looking for an IT guy. You can enjoy complimentary support services in your serviced office. They are just a call away when you go with serviced office. Furthermore, business centers that house serviced offices often have all other services within their package. Do you have lots of courier and logistics requirements? Do you need a receptionist to take meeting minutes when you’re in an important meeting? Do you need translation services in real time? All of these professional support services allow you to focus on growing your business, while they handle the low value tasks.

Risk Minimization

Office furniture and its infrastructure are assets that take up a big chunk of any company’s fixed capital. With a serviced office in the picture, you minimize your risk of tying up your precious capital. Such pragmatic measures often make all the difference between success and failure in a new business. Most regular offices don’t use their meeting rooms more than 50% per year, which means that you might be spending more on that space. Furthermore, if things do go the way you like in your business, the contract can be broken provided you cover the early termination fees. With a regular office space, it will be quite difficult to terminate the contract early.

Are serviced offices the right choice for you? Reach out to fluidmeet to know more about what’s so special about serviced offices. We offer 100% reliable, objective, and customized advice based on what you want. We’ll fit all thoughts into a set of options that would be right for you.

I want to book a meeting room fast, but where and how?

The meeting room is a convenient and professional space where brainstorming sessions happen, great ideas are churned and the perfect solutions are generated. These days a variety of options are available for ready-to-use meeting rooms that provide flexibility and state of the art infrastructure at affordable prices The perfect meeting room service should boast of services like a reception team to offer a warm welcome to your guests, free Wi-Fi for uninterrupted work, presentation tools for smooth flow of the meeting, administration services to offer support functions and refreshment services for a wholesome experience. This helps in creating an engaging and productive workspace for people.

meeting roomsYou can find the suitable meeting room through online platforms that list available spaces along with their specifications and the range of services that they offer. They track and monitor the meeting rooms available. This will save you time and energy as you can list your preferences and choose from an array of options available while sitting at your computer screen.These platforms aim to provide you tailor made solutions as per your business needs with the best value for money by acting as a mediator between the client and the partner venues. All you need to do is search, compare and book online for a hassle free booking experience.

Once you have an idea of all the major requirements the rest is a very simple process. All you need to do is register with any of the service providers and avail their services. One such great platform in the Middle East is fluidmeet which can assist you in searching for your desired meeting room.

You can select the perfect meeting room quickly by keeping in mind these key factors:

  1. The Perfect Location

    meeting roomsChoosing the perfect location is an important element because centrality of the location can ease logitistical challenges that attendees can face. An appropriate location is one that is easily accessible for people and has multiple modes of transportation to reach. You need to consider the purpose of the meeting while selecting the meeting room like the seating capacity of the chosen venue so that it easily accommodates the required number of delegartes. 

  2. Time Duration

    meeting roomsWhile selecting a meeting room, you should know the agenda of your meeting and the duration your meeting. These days, different facilities provide you with multiple time options as per your requirement. You can choose to block the venue on an hourly, half daily or daily basis depending on your need. You need to choose wisely so as to optimize your money spent.

  3. Meeting Room Amenities

    meeting roomsBased on the agenda of your meeting, you can choose the meeting room which is well equipped with the necessary equipments and gadgets. The basic necessities like Wi-Fi, projector, whiteboard, video conferencing etc. should be present for the meeting. Sometimes you need a podium for a speaker or a sound system to make sure your voice is heard all across the event space.

  4. Meeting Room Aesthetics

    meeting roomsThe selected meeting room should have proper aesthetics as per the meeting requirements. Proper lighting, layout, seating arrangements, décor should be in sync with your preference. As these aspects can be viewed with the pictures provided on fluidmeet, and helps you choose the best facility quickly. Remember that your event should match the space. It you want a classic look and feel, choose that. If you want something more flashy, pink and red walls of the meeting room might help for your product launch. The choice is yours.

  5. Food Service

    meeting roomsYou can choose from a variety of food & beverage services offered along with the meeting room facilities. A short meeting might require a coffee/tea break, but a longer meeting might require a full service buffet including freeflowing coffee and tea, especially after lunch. This will help in providing an overall package for the meeting and it will be professionally managed by the venue partner.

We hope the above was helpful. Next time you’re choosing a meeting room for your event or meeting, reach out to fluidmeet. I’m sure we can help. Actually, we guarantee we can help 😊

7 main differences between a serviced office and regular office space

When you are on the lookout for new office space, it’s best to know all your options. Probably you are expanding or need to relocate after your lease expired. Either way, you’re in the market for a new office.

Today, businesses have a number of options when it comes to leasing an office space. Traditional office spaces are slowly being replaced by new, modified versions of themselves. There are serviced offices.

article 2- first heading

Serviced offices are fully-furnished, functioning office spaces. These spaces have been designed specifically for office use. Usually, small businesses, start-ups and even large corporations venturing into new waters lease these on a short-term basis.

Serviced offices differ from regular office spaces in the following ways:

Ready for Business


All the hard work has already been done for you. Office spaces are laid out. A serviced office has the entire infrastructure required for a corporate office. The internet and electricity are working. Since serviced office providers hire professional designers, you can expect a corporate feel to the entire office. You only need to sign the papers and shift in. Resume your business right away.

With a regular office, the real work starts after you sign the papers. You have to buy furniture, get internet access, and get the water and electricity working.

No Additional Costs


A serviced office may look pricier than a regular office space, in the first glance. However, we advise you to look closely. In a serviced office, the electricity, air conditioning, internet, mailing services, security, and maintenance comes free. The contract with your serviced office provider will cover these costs so you needn’t worry about utility bills.

Budget and Costs


Serviced offices are pocket-friendly for some small businesses that don’t have a lot of working capital. If are working on getting your business off the ground, chances are you don’t have enough capital to invest in a long-term lease plan. Regular office spaces are less costly when you can pay for a 5 or 10-year lease. But most small businesses and start-ups don’t want to stall their working capital in long-term commitments. In this case, serviced offices work best for small business. They are available to rent on a 3 month basis, also.  More typically businesses rent serviced offices for 6,9 or 12 months.



Many businesses also go for serviced offices as they allow room for growth. When your business grows, you can just ask for more space. With a regular office, you don’t have much room to add space. You can even downsize easily when orders are slow coming in. Flexibility is an important consideration for businesses who can’t predict their growth clearly in the coming years.  


article 1- location

You'll fine most serviced offices in prime locations. Serviced office providers realize the importance of having an office in a prime location. You automatically get a stronger positioning. This does increase footfall, which would eventually mean more business for you. Regular office space won’t necessarily be in a prime location. You may have to wait longer to get a regular office space in a prime location. And the cost would probably be higher.

Administrative Support

When you lease a serviced office, you get to benefit from a pay-per-use administrative support. You don’t need an entire IT department. Most startups can’t afford that. But with a serviced office, you can still avail secretarial services, IT services, tax services etc. when they need them. This way you don’t need to hire employees that you only need seasonally.

Less Stressful

article 1- less stressful

Serviced Offices are definitely less stressful than regular office space. You can concentrate on attracting and servicing your clients, while we look out for your office maintenance. If your computer suddenly stops working, you don’t have to go looking for an IT guy. A call to your provider will take care of that. Serviced office providers have their own team of experienced professions for most corporate tasks.

What’s Right For You?

Choosing the right kind of office depends on your requirements. Make a list of your required for an office. Cross-check them with the above-mentioned differences between a serviced office and a regular office space. What kind of office allows you tick most of your requirement. You have your answer right there.

If serviced office spaces look appealing to you, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer all your questions.

How do I make better use of my meeting room?

We are living in the Digital Age, where everything happens at lightening speed and we use technology to provide us with the best solutions. The aim is to increase productivity and optimize our time. This has resulted in the growth of well managed meeting rooms that are professionally handled and well equipped to suffice the people’s requirements.

The importance of a meeting room lies in the fact that we need to smoothly run meetings without any interruptions and distractions. It helps you to keep away from the noise and clutter of small cubicles. It is also about creating the first impression on your clients by giving them a sneak peek into your working environment. Thus, a nice and convenient meeting room is the best place to discuss about business.

There are some challenges that employees face while booking meeting rooms and that need to be tackled for their better utilization. Some common problems faced are double bookings that results in wasting important time of different teams.The next one is no show where the booking is made, but no one turns up and this blocks the resource unnecessarily. Communication problem between teams and departments is also a frequent problem while blocking meetings rooms.

You can make better use of your meeting rooms with the following pointers:

  1. Have An Agenda


Before booking a meeting room, be sure of the agenda of the meeting as well as the people required to attend the meeting.This will help to determine the time required for the meeting and you will fully utilize your time in the meeting room. The members attending the meeting should be given a meeting invite well in advance along with the agenda for the meeting  as this will help everyone to actively participate and contribute during the meeting and fully utilize the time spent inside the meeting room.

  1. Easy to Use Equipment


Nowadays meeting rooms are equipped with the latest gadgets and try to use technology to the best to achieve maximum results. It is best to ensure that the equipment’s installed in the meeting room are state of the art to give the attendees a nice experience. They should be easy to use and navigate through otherwise a lot of time is wasted in operating and connecting different gadgets. Thus make sure that before starting the meeting the technical team checks the equipment’s. At least one member of the group should understand the functionality of the projectors, screen, video conferencing, etc. so that meeting is conducted in a professional manner.

  1. Internet Connectivity


Nothing can function well in today’s world without high speed and uninterrupted internet. The meeting room should have a facility of good bandwidth of the internet and should support multiple people connected at the same time. If the meeting room has guest Wi-Fi, please ensure that the password is easily available and connecting it doesn’t require an IT person. The internet speed should be prompt and should be able to play videos, multimedia content, streaming without taking buffering time as this affects the concentration during the meeting.

  1. Time Management


It is important to schedule your meetings and block the meeting room in advance to avoid conflicting meetings and ensure that no time is wasted. You should plan the duration of your meeting and block the meeting room accordingly. It is important to start on time and value the time blocked as the meeting room could be booked for a subsequent meeting. Also, meeting rooms can be given specific names and can be categorized as per the number of people attending, duration of meetings, nature of meetings, etc. This will help everyone to analyze their respective and book a suitable meeting room.

  1. Meeting Room Aesthetics


The aesthetics of the meeting room should be thought of in a manner that it looks professional. The meeting room should not look cluttered thus the cords and wires need to be placed appropriately or wireless equipment needs to be installed. The meeting room should have plenty of light and a board to collect thoughts during discussions. Proper ventilation should be present in the room. A minimalist design is best suitable for an apt meeting room as they invite a free flowing thought process during a meeting. Basic necessities like notepads, pens, markers and refreshments like water and coffee so that the continuity of the meeting is not broken.

Why are serviced offices so expensive? Does the extra cost outweigh the benefits?

article 1- feautured image

The first question that most people often ask me when I explain serviced offices are, ‘Why are serviced offices so expensive?’. Even though serviced offices are growing in number in today’s volatile business environment, myths about these offices are still not completely refuted. The chief myth is the misguided notion that serviced offices are expensive.

What’s a serviced office?

Serviced offices are fully furnished offices. They have all the amenities and infrastructure that you would require for your startup. Also known as executive offices and managed offices, you'll find most serviced offices in prime business districts of metropolitan cities.

Are serviced offices more expensive?

Serviced offices appear expensive when you compare them literally. But that’s like comparing an apple with an apple pie. The apple is going to be cheaper but that’s because it doesn’t have all the ingredients used in the apple pie. The apple pie is complete. It’s ready for you to eat. Plus it’s more tempting.

article 1- administrative support

At your first glance of the price, you might be tempted to just go with a regular office. But serviced offices don’t just charge for space and the location, the charges include all the amenities and infrastructure. This includes office furniture, maintenance, air conditioning, electricity, water, the internet, cleaning crew, security etc.  So, when you pay for serviced office, you get the entire package. You can shift in the very next day and go to work.

I would go completely against the grain and claim that serviced offices are in fact, more affordable than regular offices. You don’t go about designing your office. You don’t have to buy furniture or other office equipment. They are already there in serviced offices.

Also, when you need additional office equipment for a part-time or a one-time gig, you don’t have to buy the equipment. You can just rent it from your serviced office provider. Return it after you have used and only pay for the one time use.

Are Serviced Offices worth it?

article 1- location

Decide for yourself, after I lay down the benefits of a serviced office:

  • Low start-up costs: Serviced offices are available for short term lease, even as low as three months. With a serviced office, you don’t have to invest in buying your own furniture, office equipment, and additional employees to complete the office.
  • Prime Location: Most serviced offices are located in the hub of the business district. The prime location gives you maximum
  • No Additional Cost: If you opt for a regular office, you will have to pay your own utility bills, taxes, internet charges etc. All this is inclusive in your serviced office contract.
  • Pay-as-You-Go Feature: When you start a new business, it’s often not possible to set up all everything. All this takes time and money. With a serviced office, you don’t need to hire your own lawyer or tax officer. You can easily pay for their services on an hourly basis when you want them. That’s one practical way of saving up on overhead costs.
  • Instant Availability: Serviced offices are available to move in instantly. When you have all the permits and papers in your hand, waiting for an office is quite frustrating. Getting the location you want may also take time. Meanwhile, you can always shift in a serviced office.

There are no hidden costs in a serviced office, but there are hidden benefits. It’s these benefits that make it worth the extra cost. You may be able to cut your own hair, but you probably go to a stylist for that. There’s no arguing that the stylist will do a better job because she is professional. The stylist charges you more money, but then she gives her experience, time and tools to bring so that you’ll look your absolute best.

article 1- less stressful

The benefits of a serviced office do outweigh its costs. That’s because when you lease a regular office space, you’ll be spending that extra money turning that space into a proper office. You could always go the smart way and relieve yourself of that stress.

Want to compare the cost of serviced office with a regular office in Dubai? Talk to us. Our people will be happy to give you a detailed, breakdown of the costs involved. Don’t forget to ask them how the costs outweigh the benefits.

Why I #UseFluidmeet: Commercial License & Office Space Requirements in Dubai

fm_outlookb_blog6With EXPO 2020 around the corner, plenty of companies have decided to establish their operations in Dubai. From advertising and media companies to trading and manufacturing firms, Dubai is quickly becoming home to all sorts of new ventures with its concerted efforts to innovate and revitalize traditional business models. But before you get into Dubai, there are a few things you should know when setting up shop. As opposed to establishing your office from the garage or basement, Dubai, like much of the Middle East links the business address to commercial real estate. Therefore, a business address within a commercial building is required to complete your business license proceedings. Read more