Choosing a Location for Your Serviced Office


Location, location, location. It’s so important to place your business in the right place. Since Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, it’s crucial to know that the placement of your business can decide your corporate fate. When you’re unsure of a location, it makes sense to have many options to choose from and avoid confusion in your corporate address. It’s always best to shortlist your options to 3-4 options so that way when you do a comparison of the pros and cons, it ...

Ready, Set, Meeting

How to Optimize Use of my Meeting Room?


In this Digital Age and era, every single thing happens with just a click and at lightning speed. We are totally dependent on technology to provide us with the best solutions. The objective is to gain in productivity and decrease time wastage. This has lead to the development of well managed meeting rooms which are handled professionally and are well equipped to suffice the requirements of the people.