How to Get AWESOME Post Training Feedback

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Post-training feedback and evaluation is a critical part of any training program, giving you valuable insight into what learners seek. Not only does it give you, the organizer or trainer, an idea of what the learners thought of the course, but more importantly, the evaluation will indicate what’s working and what to avoid doing in the future. Here are some steps that fluidmeet recommend to ensure you have positive ...

The GIG Economy and The New Way of Work

Today’s workplace is becoming radically different. Huge changes are taking place in comparison to twenty years ago – and this is reflected in the way we currently conduct work. As the world of work keeps evolving, we are becoming more dynamic, more flexible and we are forced to adapt to the new way of work.


For many people, the word ‘work’ no longer means nine to five, a ...

The Benefits of Offsite Training

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A company that spends money on getting the best employees, knows that customers would follow on. Competitive salaries and bonuses are important, but to invest in your employees, leadership and development training is just as crucial to a company’s success. Although it may be costly and time-consuming to invest in training, it’s imperative to ensure that your staff hone on the rights skills needed, to be able to carry out ...

The New Way of Working: The Smart Serviced Office and The Internet of Things (IoT)

What is a Smart Serviced Office and How Does It Work?


A report published by Markets and Markets indicates that the smart office market is expected to be valued at USD 46.11 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 12.94% between 2017 and 2023. This phenomenal growth in smart and connected products, combined with IoT services results in the high growth of ...

The Quiet Zone at The Co-working Space Leads to Higher Productivity

More and more of us work in an open office environment, meaning that we pay the price for having some quiet time and privacy becomes harder. There is often nothing more than a computer screen to separate you from other people.  So how do you get that quiet time to switch off and recharge for part of the day?


In many companies, it’s not clear if it’s okay to take a break during your ...