What to Consider When Moving Back to the Office After the Pandemic

Millions of business owners and large organizations have been working remotely for the last six months, and if not for longer. Some companies, including Twitter, have told employees they can keep working remotely forever. On the other side, there’s also an effort to prove that office spaces and co-working spaces can safely reopen, led largely by the people renting them out. Furthermore, organizational leaders who have known how to manage productivity while in an office environment have struggled to manage that effectively through remote work and are keen to relaunch their at office comfort zone. Although some companies have thrived due to having a virtual working space, others have struggled to have that human touch. 


Are you having a smooth transition moving back to your office space or co-working space? Are you glad you have an actual office space back again? Are you glad you will have a regular routine again in your office space, and have a warm cup of coffee? Do you miss having that friendly office set up?  How are business owners and entrepreneurs transitioning back to the office after working from home? There is a new level of reality to adapt to the virtual world, but how can we transition back to the office and remain productive after many months of honing our remote productivity skill sets? Employers are requesting from their staff to go back to the office and it’s crucial for employees to understand how to re-integrate into the work environment.

Everyone has been working from home for the past year and freelancers, business owners and other workers have had lots of challenges, such as mental health. There were lots of distractions and now it’s time to go back to the natural working environment, and develop physical relations in an office space setting.  Here are some tips to help you be better equipped to go back to the office space setting:


Hone in on your New Skills

Whether you are going back to your co-working space or office space, put a list of what worked for you at home.  Maybe you need some project management skills, hone in on your communication skills, in order to be more productive now that you are back in your co-working space or office space.

Self- discipline

When business owners work from home, they are more relaxed about the rules. You’ve probably developed new habits when you were working from home, and there is no need to give them up. Just reorganise your day to make it work for you. You have the discipline to wake up early and still continue the habits that you have developed.


Maintain Effective Communication


While working from home, you have probably scheduled those virtual calls and meetings. But when you get back to the office, remember to keep structuring and scheduling those connections and honor your time. Have ‘power hours’ and ensure that no interruptions can distract your report or project that you need to submit. Those zoom meetings may have been enough for you to communicate, but now there are handshakes or ‘fist bumps’, proper eye contact, body language, all these things are just as important and should not be neglected. Having that social interaction is also a great advantage to moving back to the work environment. The global number of co-working spaces in the past five years has tripled, and the population of their members grew fivefold.  Co-working spaces have been bringing superior benefits for office space users, such as value for money, flexibility, having reliable support services, a community feel, and a networking opportunity.

We have seen the demand recently at our current operation at UNBOX for our solutions and services.  With ‘working from home’ being on the rise, we anticipate that the demand will increase as more companies and small business owners are seeking flexibility. Hybrid workspaces are the new norm for large organizations and entrepreneurs, and coworking space complements this need’, said Riad Madani Daftardar, Director of Unbox Inc.


As we start gaining control of the virus, more businesses are reopening and bringing employees back into the office. More people will be heading back to their usual work space, and remote work could change. We will go back to brainstorming sessions and team-building exercises, and there will be less of working independently. Collaborative meeting spaces will be more attractive and co-working spaces will also be the best option for business owners.

Remote organizations will still gather occasionally to co-work, and the co-working option is a natural fit for remote teams and the hybrid model

It’s your time, your choice. We will make and guarantee availability for you. 

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Author: Maha Ahmad


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