Price Vs. Quality – What is More Important in Office Space?


For a business entity, having the right office space is crucial. It projects the credibility and trustworthiness of the company in the eyes of the customers and the employees. It also boosts the brand image and, ultimately the business of the entity. Hence, having the right office space is very important.

When it comes to selecting an office space, most of the business owners are confused. They are not sure whether to go for the quality of the office space or its ...

Productivity in Co-working Space – Understand the Magic Behind it


Co-working space is a relatively new concept that has taken the modern workspace by storm. A co-working space provides the right working environment for freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs and small businesses to work together, network, and share knowledge.

One of the major concerns while working in a co-working space in Dubai is productivity. This is more so if you are a freelancer or an independent professional and do not have any colleagues to discuss your work with. But just because you ...

Wonder Where to Hold Your Next Client Meeting? Here are Some Interesting Ideas.

Whether you are running a startup or heading a division of a corporate establishment, conducting client meetings is a part of your job. Gone are the days when client meetings were held in office cubicles and office meeting rooms. The formal atmosphere of the office and its austere surrounding does not fascinate the corporate honchos anymore.

If you are one such person who likes to think out of the box and conduct client meetings outside the office, here are some exciting ideas.

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How to Get AWESOME Post Training Feedback

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Post-training feedback and evaluation is a critical part of any training program, giving you valuable insight into what learners seek. Not only does it give you, the organizer or trainer, an idea of what the learners thought of the course, but more importantly, the evaluation will indicate what’s working and what to avoid doing in the future. Here are some steps that fluidmeet recommend to ensure you have positive ...

The GIG Economy and The New Way of Work

Today’s workplace is becoming radically different. Huge changes are taking place in comparison to twenty years ago – and this is reflected in the way we currently conduct work. As the world of work keeps evolving, we are becoming more dynamic, more flexible and we are forced to adapt to the new way of work.


For many people, the word ‘work’ no longer means nine to five, a ...

The Benefits of Offsite Training

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A company that spends money on getting the best employees, knows that customers would follow on. Competitive salaries and bonuses are important, but to invest in your employees, leadership and development training is just as crucial to a company’s success. Although it may be costly and time-consuming to invest in training, it’s imperative to ensure that your staff hone on the rights skills needed, to be able to carry out ...