How do I make better use of my meeting room?

We are living in the Digital Age, where everything happens at lightening speed and we use technology to provide us with the best solutions. The aim is to increase productivity and optimize our time. This has resulted in the growth of well managed meeting rooms that are professionally handled and well equipped to suffice the people’s requirements.

The importance of a meeting room lies in the fact that we need to smoothly run meetings without any interruptions and distractions. It helps you to keep away from the noise and clutter of small cubicles. It is also about creating the first impression on your clients by giving them a sneak peek into your working environment. Thus, a nice and ...

Why are serviced offices so expensive? Does the extra cost outweigh the benefits?

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The first question that most people often ask me when I explain serviced offices are, ‘Why are serviced offices so expensive?’. Even though serviced offices are growing in number in today’s volatile business environment, myths about these offices are still not completely refuted. The chief myth is the misguided notion that serviced offices are ...

Why I #UseFluidmeet: Commercial License & Office Space Requirements in Dubai

fm_outlookb_blog6With EXPO 2020 around the corner, plenty of companies have decided to establish their operations in Dubai. From advertising and media companies to trading and manufacturing firms, Dubai is quickly becoming home to all sorts of new ventures with its concerted efforts to innovate and revitalize traditional business models. But before you get into Dubai, there are a few things you should know when setting up shop. As opposed to establishing your office from the garage or basement, Dubai, like much of the Middle East links the business address to commercial real estate. Therefore, a business address within a commercial building is required to complete your business license proceedings. Read more

Why I #UseFluidmeet: Conducting interviews at coffee shops

fm_img-outlook_blog5How often have you met at a coffee shop for an interview? It’s an informal meeting so you’re alright with the thought. But then again, it dawns on you that you’re competing with everyone else around you for a share of the recruiter’s eyes, ears, and mind. You have prepared very hard for this interview. You need their focus to be on you and only you. Then, their eyes begin to wander and you start thinking, if only we were in a more secluded or isolated place. Or what’s around me that has begun to distract them. “I wish I had booked an office or a meeting room.”

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Why I #UseFluidmeet: Let’s meet in the office

thirdblog-bannerHow often does the boss say, “let’s meet back in the office”? And the office is a good hour away, half hour without traffic. In the back of your mind, you’re thinking, even wishing, that the office was closer or that your boss would come to where you are. But sometimes, that doesn’t happen. It’s not easy finding a place that has the same perks as an office. It’s your second home with an ample amount of privacy that you wouldn’t find in a coffee shop. The distractions are minimal as you’ve gotten used to the inspirational/motivational posters on the wall and the waiter isn’t coming by every few minutes to check if your coffee is done. There’s also equipment in case the financials need to be projected. Read more

Why I #UseFluidmeet: Discussing confidential work at a coffee shop

55-55150-coffee_shopWhen you’re sitting at a cafe, have you ever gotten so paranoid that you begin to look over your shoulders when you’re working on something top secret? As confidential as your work is, rarely is there ever a competitive intelligence person sitting behind you taking pictures of your laptop screen. Or is there? But what about the talking about company specific information and having to skip certain words or use the famous “You know, the first thing and the second thing”. Read more

Hotel Meeting Room Rental for Standout Events

blog2Dubai is the perfect place to host events. A business and entertainment hub, Dubai is a city that is growing rapidly, and the lifestyles of those who live and work in the city can move just as fast. When it is time for a corporate event, important meeting, or even private celebration, then a hotel meeting room or other hotel venue could be exactly what you need to make a lasting impression. Read more

Rent Conference Rooms in Dubai’s Premier Establishments

blog4Dubai’s location between Europe and Asia, and its reputation as a business hotbed, has made it one of the fastest growing, and most successful economies in the UAE. Some of the world’s largest companies are headquartered or have regional offices in Dubai, which means that there is a high demand for professional and corporate services, such as catering, outsourcing, and even events planning. Even start-ups and SME’s can benefit from corporate events, and one of the most common type of event would have to be the business conference. The good news is that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to conference rooms in Dubai. Read more