What’s the difference between a banquet hall, meeting room, and event space?

When you go looking for banquet halls, your venue provider might offer you an event space or a meeting space instead. If you don’t know the difference between a banquet hall, meeting room, and event space, you might not have a problem with that. But choosing the right venue for your event does make a difference in the success of your event.

What’s a banquet hall?

A banquet hall is a space offered mainly for weddings, birthdays, bridal showers and other personal events. They could be separate or part of a hotel or restaurant. Most banquet hall providers offer food and catering along with the hall. Most times, the provider ...

Someone explain to me what is a Coworking space

coworking space

Coworking space is a new workspace trend in most metropolitan cities including Dubai. They are growing both in number and popularity. Now you hear so many of your freelancing friends telling you great things about their coworking space, the environment, the “feel”, the people, and just about everything in there. And you might be wondering what is a coworking space? I will cover the basics and benefits of co-working spaces in Dubai and whether you should look for one ...

Should I go for the big serviced office providers or local ones?


According to The Emerging Market Serviced Office Review 2015, serviced office providers have grown by 10.25% within 12 months. This growth of serviced office providers has been observed worldwide including the Middle East and Europe. Serviced Office Providers complete a gap in commercial office rent providers. They offer fully furnished office spaces to new, small and expanding businesses. As these ...

What’s so special about serviced offices?

111027_bpp1_081Serviced offices are the Amazon of today’s business landscape. They have been changing the way business is executed. Serviced offices are innovative, brilliantly thought-off and offer great office space experience on a limited budget and on flexible payment terms. Serviced offices are fully furnished office spaces for businesses to test their feet in the UAE corporate world, especially if you’re establishing a new business or opening a ...

I want to book a meeting room fast, but where and how?

The meeting room is a convenient and professional space where brainstorming sessions happen, great ideas are churned and the perfect solutions are generated. These days a variety of options are available for ready-to-use meeting rooms that provide flexibility and state of the art infrastructure at affordable prices The perfect meeting room service should boast of services like a reception team to offer a warm welcome to your guests, free Wi-Fi for uninterrupted work, presentation tools for smooth flow of the meeting, administration services to offer support functions and refreshment services for a wholesome experience. This helps in creating an engaging and productive workspace for people.

7 main differences between a serviced office and regular office space

When you are on the lookout for new office space, it’s best to know all your options. Probably you are expanding or need to relocate after your lease expired. Either way, you’re in the market for a new office.

Today, businesses have a number of options when it comes to leasing an office space. Traditional office spaces are slowly being replaced by new, modified versions of themselves. There are serviced offices.

How do I make better use of my meeting room?

We are living in the Digital Age, where everything happens at lightening speed and we use technology to provide us with the best solutions. The aim is to increase productivity and optimize our time. This has resulted in the growth of well managed meeting rooms that are professionally handled and well equipped to suffice the people’s requirements.

The importance of a meeting room lies in the fact that we need to smoothly run meetings without any interruptions and distractions. It helps you to keep away from the noise and clutter of small cubicles. It is also about creating the first impression on your clients by giving them a sneak peek into your working environment. Thus, a nice and ...

Why are serviced offices so expensive? Does the extra cost outweigh the benefits?

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The first question that most people often ask me when I explain serviced offices are, ‘Why are serviced offices so expensive?’. Even though serviced offices are growing in number in today’s volatile business environment, myths about these offices are still not completely refuted. The chief myth is the misguided notion that serviced offices are ...

Why I #UseFluidmeet: Commercial License & Office Space Requirements in Dubai

fm_outlookb_blog6With EXPO 2020 around the corner, plenty of companies have decided to establish their operations in Dubai. From advertising and media companies to trading and manufacturing firms, Dubai is quickly becoming home to all sorts of new ventures with its concerted efforts to innovate and revitalize traditional business models. But before you get into Dubai, there are a few things you should know when setting up shop. As opposed to establishing your office from the garage or basement, Dubai, like much of the Middle East links the business address to commercial real estate. Therefore, a business address within a commercial building is required to complete your business license proceedings. Read more