Share your workspace

  • Generate more revenues by utilizing your unused/underutilized workspace
  • Maximize efficiency by automating the booking process-save time & money
  • Increase brand awareness by allowing fluidmeet to globally market your workspaces to users
  • Simplify the booking process through fluidmeet's platform-easy booking within minutes


If you‘re on the homepage, you can click on "LIST A SPACE" button on the top right. This will reroute you to the list a space page.
List a space page: Here you can read the benefits of sharing your space on fluidmeet. You can also view a video that explains the process in an interactive way.

By clicking on the "LIST A SPACE" button in the middle of the page, you will arrive at a login page. You are kindly requested to login in through Facebook, google, LinkedIn or enter your details manually.


On this page, we are asking for the venue information. A venue is defined as the facility that houses the workspaces. For example, a venue could be a hotel, corporate offices, business hubs or training centers.

Any area with an asterix symbol is required. That means:
Contact name
Once you‘ve entered that information, you can press the next button. If you haven‘t entered all the required information, it will ask you to repopulate those input boxes.

On this page, you will be asked to enter more information about the venue. Similar to the previous page, if there are asterix symbols next to boxes, that means those areas are mandatory.

It will also ask for the hours of operation. By default, they are at 9AM to 5PM. If those hours require adjustment, please click on the numbers to change them.
If the venue is closed on any particular day, you can click on closed. If you erroneously pressed that, you can undo that by clicking it again.
If the venue is open 24 hours, you can click on the "open 24 hours" box.
Once you have entered that information, you can upload any images of the venue.
If you have satisfied the entry requirements, you can click next to proceed to the next step

Here you‘ll add the workspaces. We define workspaces as desks, cubicles, banquet halls, meeting/conference rooms, training rooms, or private offices.

You will be asked to enter a name for the workspace and a description
You can upload a picture of the workspace to help users picture their future workspace. We recommend pictures that are 650x450 pixels for adequate viewing
You can continue to defining the workspace type, the method of reservation whether hourly or daily
Capacity signifies the number of people that the workspace can accommodate
Once you have entered a price, and have agreed to the price agreement, you can continue to the final step

This is the final page to list your space.

You should be able to see all the information previously inputted
If everything looks fine, all you have to do is click "Confirm" and you‘re done.
If you want to add more workspaces, you can go into your profile under "Manage venues" and add workspaces there using the same easy process.
If you need help or any explanations on the path towards listing a space, please let us know at