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Office Spaces

Owned Office


Venue Type
Business Center/Hub
Minimum Term
One month
Security Deposit:
USD 879

Your fully customizable home. Secure and enclosed, add your own branding, plants, and furnishings while accessing premium facilities across our network. For groups of two up to enterprise size, you’re also free to size up whenever you need to.



Receptionist(s) & Call Answering Services
Pantry (Coffee, Tea, Water, Snacks)

Suitable for company establishment (licensing)

  • Yes
  • na
Operating Hours
  • Sun, Sat     Closed
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri     09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Other Spaces to Consider

Shadwell, London, UK

Owned Desk

USD 697 / Month

Shadwell, London, UK

Open Desk

USD 455 / Month

Shadwell, London, UK

Meeting Space 1

USD 17 / person

Shadwell, London, UK

Meeting Space 2

USD 32 / person

Doha, Qatar

Office for 4 All Inclusive

USD 5,314 / Month

Doha, Qatar

Beautiful and All Inclusive Manager office for 1

USD 1,907 / Month